Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 10: Luna Lovegood


Simplified Chinese (China)
Lúnà Luòfūgǔdé
卢娜 Lúnà = 'Luna (phonetic)'.
洛夫古德 Luòfūgǔdé = 'Lovegood (phonetic)'.
Luna Lovegood
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Lùnà Luógǔdé
露娜 Lùnà = 'Luna (phonetic)'.
羅古德 Luógǔdé = 'Lovegood (phonetic)'.
Luna Lovegood
Rūna Rabuguddo
ルーナ・ラブグッド Rūna Rabuguddo = 'Luna Lovegood (phonetic). Luna Lovegood
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Luna Lovegood Luna Lovegood = 'Luna Lovegood'. (Lovegood is pronounced Lâp-vơ-gút) Luna Lovegood

'Luna Lovegood' is transcribed phonetically by the Chinese (Mainland and Taiwanese) translators. The last character in 'Luna', , is normally associated with girls' names in Chinese. The last character in 'Lovegood', , meaning 'virtue', is commonly used in transcribing names.

As in keeping with the rest of the books, the Taiwanese is slightly less elaborate phonetically than the Mainland version.

The Japanese uses a standard katakana transcription and the Vietnamese uses the English without change (although a footnote indicates that 'Lovegood' is to be pronounced Lâp-vơ-gút!)

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