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Chapter 13: The Secret Riddle


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 神秘的里德尔
Shénmì de Lǐdé'ěr
神秘 shénmì = 'mysterious'.
de = connecting particle
里德尔 Lǐdé'ěr = 'Riddle'.
The mysterious Riddle
Chinese (Taiwan) 瑞斗的祕密
Ruìdǒu de mìmì
瑞斗 Ruìdǒu = 'Riddle'.
de = connecting particle
祕密 mìmì = 'secret'.
The Riddle secret
Japanese リドルの謎
Ridoru no nazo
リドル Ridoru = 'Riddle'.
no = connecting particle
nazo = 'puzzle, enigma'.
The Riddle puzzle
Vietnamese Riddle bí ẩn Riddle = 'Riddle'.
bí ẩn (秘隱) = 'secret, covert, veiled, hidden'.
The secret Riddle.

As in the Riddle House (Book 4 Chapter 1), 'riddle' here can have two meanings: a puzzle or riddle, or the name 'Riddle', which was Voldemort's surname at birth.

Since the chapter deals with a person known as 'Riddle', the translators choose the name (里德尔 Lǐdé'ěr / 瑞斗 Ruìdǒu / Riddle).

Interestingly, the Taiwanese and Japanese translators change the order to mean 'The secret of the Riddles' or 'The Riddle secret'.

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