Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 14: Felix Felicis


Simplified Chinese (China)
福灵 fúlíng = 'good fortune + effective/spirit'.
= 'decoction'
Good luck concoction
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Fúlái fúxǐ
福來福喜 fúlái fúxǐ = 'fortune comes fortune happiness'. Fortune comes fortune happiness (Fulai fuxi)
Ferikkusu Ferishisu
フェリックス・フェリシス Ferikkusu Ferishisu = 'Felix Felicis (transliteration) '.
Felix Felicis
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Phúc Lạc Dược Phúc Lạc Dược (福樂藥) = 'fortune happiness medicine'.
Fortune happiness medicine

'Felix Felicis' is the name of a potion that brings euphoria and a winning streak to the person who drinks it. Whatever they do turns out right. The name is based on Latin felix 'happy'.

The Chinese translator makes up a descriptive name: means 'good fortune, happiness', líng means many things ('quick, nimble, mind, soul, deity, fairy, coffin'), but here it seems to mean either 'spirit' or 'efficacious, effective', a term applied to medicines and potions.

The Taiwanese translator makes up a name, 福來福喜 fúlái fúxǐ, somewhat similar in sound to the English Felix Felicis in sound. The meaning is something like 'fortune comes fortune rejoices'.

The Vietnamese translator makes up a name, Phúc Lạc Dược, which means 'fortune/happiness medicine'.

Interestingly, all three translations include the character (phúc in Vietnamese).

The Japanese translation simply transliterates the English. Unfortunately, フェリックス・フェリシス Ferikkusu Ferishisu is a rather horrendous equivalent to what is an elegant Latin term!

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