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Chapter 15: The Unbreakable Vow


Simplified Chinese (China)
Láo-bù-kě-pò de shìyán
牢不可破 láo-bù-kě-pò = 'unbreakable, indestructible'. láo = 'firm', = 'not', 'can, able to', = 'break'.
de = connecting particle
誓言 shìyán = 'oath, pledge'.
The unbreakable vow
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Bú pò shì
= 'not'.
= 'break'.
shì = 'vow'.
The unbreakable vow
Yaburenu chikai
破れぬ yaburenu = 'not able to break' (negative form of 破れる yabureru 'to be able to break', from the verb 破る yaburu 'to break').
誓い chikai = 'vow'.
The unbreakable vow
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Phép thề bất khả bội phép thề = 'magical vow'.
bất () = 'not'.
khả () = 'can, be able to'.
bội () = 'break, betray'.
The unbreakable magic vow

A direct translation.

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