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Chapter 24: The Wandmaker


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 魔杖制作人
Mózhàng zhìzuò-rén
魔杖 mózhàng = 'magic wand'.
制作 zhìzuò = 'to make'.
rén = 'person'.
The magic wand maker
Chinese (Taiwan) 魔杖製造師
Mózhàng zhìzào-shī
魔杖 mózhàng = 'magic wand'.
製造 zhìzào = 'to manufacture'.
shī = 'master, teacher'.
The magic wand making master
Japanese 杖作り
tsue = 'wand'.
作り -tsukuri = 'making, maker', from the verb 作る tsukuru 'to make, manufacture'.
The wand maker
Vietnamese Người chế tạo đũa phép người = 'person'.
chế tạo (製造) = 'manufacture'.
đũa phép = 'wand'.
The wand maker

Mr Ollivander.

The Japanese uses the form 作り -tsukuri, which means '-making' or '-maker'. Coming after a vowel, -tsukuri is modified to begin with a voiced sound, i.e., -zukuri.

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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