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The cjvlang site originally went up in mid-July 2000. The subsite on CJV writing systems was added in about July 2001, consisting of three main pages, one devoted to each of the three languages. The initial version had considerable problems of content, particularly the section on Chinese, which was heavily flawed. I have made sporadic attempts to rewrite the content, but since it takes a lot of energy to do so, such attempts usually come in bursts, after long periods of gestation. The Chinese script section is still heavily flawed and will need further fixing.

The 'pre-history' of the subsite is as follows:

The section on hiragana and katakana was added in the late summer/autumn of 2002.

Japanese signs were added in the late summer of 2003, after a trip to Japan.

The page of photos showing Vietnamese writing of foreign authors' names was added in December 2003, after a trip to Vietnam.

Notes on transliteration is one of the oldest pages of cjvlang that belonged to no particular section. It was transferred to Writing Systems in December 2003.

The writing of foreign names in CJV originally belonged to Harry Potter and was also transferred here in December 2003.

These logs begin at 21 December 2003 (starting from the bottom).


20 February 2017 (Ulaanbaatar)

20 February 2017 (Ulaanbaatar)

  • In an act of desperation, I tried to revamp the whole section in the face of inexplicable differences in rendering of the site locally and on the server, especially in Firefox.

15 February 2017 (Ulaanbaatar)

  • Updated section on Inputting the Mongolian script in order to correct earlier confusion resulting from the failure to distinguish о and ө, and у and ү in the traditional script.

12 February 2017 (Ulaanbaatar)

10 May 2016 (Queensland)

9 January 2016 (Queensland)

24 November 2014 (Beijing)

  • Made an attempt to fix the faulty implementation of Responsive Web Design at Writing Systems.

23 November 2014 (Beijing)

22 November 2014 (Beijing)

9 September 2013 (Beijing)

4 December 2013 (Beijing)

  • Updated the page on inputting Mongolian Traditional Script using Mongolfont fonts to include further information and rectify some presentation issues. It is quite difficult to get everything to show up correctly (and uniformly) in all browsers and systems.

10 November 2013 (Beijing)

20 October 2013 (Beijing)

23 September 2013 (Beijing)

16 September 2013 (Beijing)

15 September 2013 (Beijing)

4 September 2013 (Beijing)

1 May 2013 (Beijing)

  • Further tweaking at Mongolian scripts.

29 April 2013 (Beijing)

  • Made some improvements in wording at Mongolian scripts to improve clarity and comprehensibility.

13 February 2013 (Beijing)

  • Added traditional Mongolian font to title, author, publisher, etc. of books in the Mongolian writing section.

12 February 2013 (Beijing)

  • Provided a second typeface (more common in Mongolia than Inner Mongolia) at the conversion tables.

11 February 2013 (Beijing)

10 February 2013 (Beijing). New Year's Day in China, New Year's Eve in Mongolia

  • Added material on 'citation forms' to the page on the Mongolian alphabet. Also changed some formatting, changed a few small errors.

9 February 2013 (Beijing)

3 February 2013 (Beijing)

2 February 2013 (Beijing)

1 February 2013 (Beijing)

27 January 2013 (Beijing)

25 January 2013 (Beijing)

24 January 2013 (Beijing)

22 January 2013 (Beijing)

20 January 2013 (Beijing)

18 January 2013 (Beijing)

13 January 2013 (Beijing)

18 November 2012 (Beijing)

  • Updated pages on Chinese writing to Unicode (with a some changes in content).

22 June 2012 (Beijing)

21 June 2012 (Beijing)

  • Cleaned up links page, mostly removing the rotten links.

4 January 2006 (Beijing)

  • Updated some more pages in Signs to Unicode, with a few changes to the text as well.

30 December 2006 (Beijing)

  • Updated some pages (in Signs) to Unicode, replacing graphics and adding macrons.

13 September 2006 (Beijing)

  • Added Kanji Networks to Links page.
  • I am selling my soul to Mammon by putting Adsense above each page title. This is at the suggestion of a friend who feels that 50c a day is not really good income from a site as large as this :(

22 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • Various serioius errors rectified (pages in the old layout, pages that did not redirect, errors in menus, etc.)
  • Slightly rewrote the Japanese Writing System.

20 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • The folder structure of the entire subsite has been re-arranged (never a good idea, but it was just too much of a mess). This took an inordinate amount of time.
  • New layout and Milonic left-hand navbar (Tramline) have been implemented. The subsite proved too unwieldy for one navbar to handle. Separate navbars have been implemented for Hiragana & Katakana and Signs.
  • Adsense has been implemented.

1 October 2005 (Beijing)

  • Fixed faulty katakana graphic for チョ and ニョ at the katakana and hiragana tables. This is a long-standing error of more than three years. Unfortunately I have lost the font that I originally used and and have been forced to use a slightly different version of the same font.

22 August 2005 (Beijing)

  • Changed the note on the pronunciation of Vietnamese đ ().

11 February 2005 (Macau)

  • Edited some pages in the Chinese Writing System. Once again, the pages have too many rough edges. Also fixed up navigation and decided on the index page for once and for all. Added samples of Vietnamese and Japanese writing.

10 February 2005 (Macau)

9 February 2005 (Macau)

14 January 2005 (Macau)

  • Having made extensive changes to the Chinese Writing System, I discovered, as usual, that there were unnoticed navigation problems. These have been fixed up.

13 January 2005 (Macau)

  • Split the Chinese Writing System into 5 separate sections. This is an act of desperation. Previously I had hoped to keep it to one or two pages but after paring it down till it had virtually nothing to offer, it was still too long. With so many other pages on the Internet dealing with Chinese and its writing system, and so many other sections of the site that demand my attention, there seems little sense in devoting so much effort to this page. But it is, inexplicably, the most popular page on the entire site (although I suspect there are few who read it to the bitter end) and I have no choice but to delete it or fix it up. There is still some work to be done on the Bridge Between Dialects section but otherwise it's largely complete.

2 January 2005 (Macau)

27 December 2004 (Macau)

16 November 2004 (Beijing)

3 November 2004 (Beijing)

28 October 2004 (Beijing)

27 October 2004 (Beijing)

  • As usual, didn't get it right the first time. The new sections of Vietnamese Writing System have been considerably rewritten.

26 October 2004 (Beijing)

1 October 2004 (Beijing)

25 September 2004 (Beijing)

  • Cleaned up headers.

19 September 2004 (Beijing)

  • A menu that follows you as you scroll down the page has been added. This nifty device has been licensed from Milonic.
  • At the same time, the section on Orthographic Variation in Japanese as Seen in Signs and Advertising has been extensively reorganised and a few corrections and changes also made at certain pages. The main page for this section has been moved to a new location to allow the menu to function properly.

12 September 2004 (Beijing)

6 September 2004 (Beijing)

5 September 2004 (Beijing)

3 September 2004 (Beijing)

30 August 2004 (Beijing)

22 August 2004 (Macau)

21 August 2004 (Macau)

  • The navigation / arrangement of the Chinese Writing System has been overhauled. What were formerly popup notes have now been made fully-fledged pages accessible from the Writing Systems home page. This has involved adjustments in wording here and there, but mainly changes to the navigation.

20 August 2004 (Macau)

19 August 2004 (Macau)

17 August 2004 (Macau)

16 August 2004 (Macau)

The subsite has undergone extensive changes.

Although I have gone public with this revised version, more rewrites are forthcoming. Navigation issues remain to be resolved.

13 August 2004 (Macau)

12 August 2004 (Macau)

  • Began phasing out frames from the section on Writing Systems. The 'index' page is now http://www.cjvlang.com/Writing/writsys/index.html. Also tried to unify the look of the section and converted to Cascading Style Sheets.

11 August 2004 (Macau)

  • Made yet further changes to the Chinese Writing System. Finally approaching a version I'm reasonably happy with.

10 August 2004 (Macau)

9 August 2004 (Macau)

  • Rewrote the Chinese Writing System again to make it more logical and coherent. Some parenthetical notes have been converted into popups. A few traditional/simplified rollover errors have been rectified. While still ungainly, the new version is an improvement on the old.
  • A few minor changes have been made to the Japanese Writing System and Writing System Links.

6 August 2004 (Macau)

  • Slightly rewrote the Chinese Writing System page to make it read smoother. Nothing short of major surgery will fully rectify this page's faults!

14 June 2004 (Hainan)

22 March 2004 (Hainan)

5 January 2004 (Hainan)

24 December 2003 (Hainan)

21 December 2003 (Hainan)

Oct, Nov, Dec 2003:

The main changes during these three months were:

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