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One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi


Chinese (Mainland) 千种神奇草药及蕈类
Qiān-zhǒng shénqí cǎoyào jí xùnlèi
qiān = 'thousand'.
zhǒng = 'type'.
神奇 shénqí = 'magical, mystical'.
草药 cǎoyào = 'herbal medicine'.
= 'and'.
蕈类 xùnlèi = 'mushroom class' = 'mushrooms, fungi, etc.'.
1,000 Types of Magical Herbal Medicines and Fungi
Chinese (Taiwan) 一千種神奇草藥與蕈類
Yīqiān-zhǒng shénqí cǎoyào yǔ xùnlèi
一千 yīqiān = 'one thousand'.
zhǒng = 'type'.
神奇 shénqí = 'magical, mystical'.
草藥 cǎoyào = 'herbal medicine'.
= 'and'.
蕈類 xùnlèi = 'mushroom class' = 'mushrooms, fungi, etc.'.
1,000 Types of Magical Herbal Medicines and Fungi

Yakusō to kinoko issen-shu

Yakusō to kinoko sen-shu

薬草 yakusō = 'medicinal herbs'.
to = 'and'.
きのこ kinoko = 'mushroom, fungus'.
1000 issen = 'one thousand'.
shu = 'type'.

sen = 'thousand'.
shu = 'type'.

1,000 Types of Medicinal Herbs and Fungi
Vietnamese Một ngàn thảo dược và nấm mốc có phép thuật

Một Ngàn Dược Thảo Và Nấm Mốc Có Phép Thuật

Một Ngàn Loại Nấm và Thảo Dược Huyền Bí

một = 'one'.
ngàn = 'thousand'.
thảo dược (草藥) = 'herbal medicine'.
= 'and'.
nấm mốc = 'mushroom-mould'.
= 'with'.
phép thuật (法術) = 'magic'.

Title 2: dược thảo (藥草) = 'medicinal herbs'.

Title 3: loại () = 'type'.
huyền bí (玄秘) = 'mysterious'.

1,000 Magical Herbal Medicines and Fungi

1,000 Magical Medicinal Herbs and Fungi

1,000 Types of Mysterious Mushroom and Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine:

    The Chinese word for 'herbal medicine' is 草藥 or 草药 cǎoyào, literally 'grass medicine', which is used by both translators. Reversed to 藥草 (药草) yàocǎo, this means 'medicinal herb'.

    The Vietnamese translator swaps between the two usages, using thảo dược (草藥) 'herbal medicine' in one place and dược thảo (藥草) 'herbal medicine' in another.

    In Japanese, the normal term is 薬草 yakusō ('medicinal grass') -- to all intents and purposes, the reversed term does not exist.


Chinese is rich in words for mushrooms and fungi. In this case, 蕈類 (蕈类) xùnleì is a word used to describe fungi in a general or scientific sense. The Mainland translator appears to have followed the Taiwanese translator in using xùn. In the Encyclopaedia of Toadstools the Mainland translator switches to jūn, which is a more common word for 'fungus'.

Note that the Japanese translator switches from 1000種 issen-shu in Book 1 to 千種 sen-shu in Book 4.

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