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Modern Magical History


Chinese (Mainland) 现代魔法史
Xiàndài mófǎ shǐ
现代 xiàndài = 'modern'.
魔法 mófǎ = 'magic'.
-shǐ = 'history'.
Modern Magical History
Chinese (Taiwan) 現代魔法史
Xiàndài mófǎ shǐ
現代 xiàndài = 'modern'.
魔法 mófǎ = 'magic'.
-shǐ = 'history'.
Modern Magical History
Japanese 近代魔法史
Kindai mahō-shi
近代 kindai = 'modern'.
魔法 mahō = 'magic'.
-shi = 'history'.
Modern Magical History
Vietnamese Lịch sử pháp thuật hiện đại lịch sử (歷史) = 'history'.
pháp thuật (法術) = 'magic'.
hiện đại (現代) = 'modern'
History of Modern Magic


There are two words for 'modern' times in CJV:

    1) 近代 jìndài (Chinese), 近代 kindai (Japanese), or cận đại (Vietnamese): The period up until the First World War (world history) or the Second World War (domestic Chinese or Japanese history). The meaning of jìn is 'near'. This is thus the historical era that is 'nearest' to our own.

    2) 現代/现代 xiàndài (Chinese), 現代 gendai (Japanese), or hiện đại (Vietnamese): The contemporary era that we now live in. In world history this usually starts after the First World War. In domestic history, it starts after WWII (Japan) or after the Communist takeover of China and Vietnam.

While the theoretical distinction is reasonably clear, ordinary Japanese usage is less strict. Japanese often prefers 近代 kindai where Chinese and Vietnamese would use 現代 xiàndài or hiện đại.

'Modernisation' in Japanese is 近代化 kindai-ka. In Chinese it is 現代化 / 现代化 xiàndài-huà. In Vietnamese it is hiện đại hóa.

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