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A Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry


Chinese (Mainland) 近代巫术发展研究
Jìndài wūshù fāzhǎn yánjiū
近代 jìndaì= 'modern'.
巫术 wūshù = 'wizard crafts'.
发展 fāzhǎn = 'development'.
研究 yánjiū = 'study, research'.
Study in Developments in Modern Wizardry
Chinese (Taiwan) 巫術最新發展研究
Wūshù zuìxīn fāzhǎn yánjiū
巫術 wūshù = 'wizard crafts'.
最新 zuìxīn= 'latest'.
發展 fāzhǎn = 'development'.
研究 yánjiū = 'study, research'.
Study in the Latest Developments in Wizardry
Japanese 魔法界における最近の進歩に関する研究
Mahō-kai ni okeru saikin no shinpo ni kansuru kenkyū
魔法 mahō = 'magic'.
-kai = 'circles/world'.
における ni okeru = 'in'.
最近 saikin = 'recent'.
no = connecting particle
進歩 shinpo = 'advance'.
に関する ni kansuru = 'regarding'.
研究 kenkyū = 'study, research'.
Study on Recent Advances in Magical Circles
Vietnamese Một nghiên cứu về những phát triển gần đây trong pháp thuật một = 'a'.
nghiên cứu (研究) = 'study, research'.
về = 'concerning'
những = plural marker
phát triển (發展) = 'development'
gần đây = 'recent, late'.
trong = 'in'.
pháp thuật (法術) = 'magic'.
A Study on Recent Developments in Magic

A very academic-sounding title, translated that way into the three languages.

The Chinese versions are simple, concise and straightforward.

On the other hand, the Japanese is clumsy and verbose as Japanese academic book titles often are. The title is best analysed from the end to the beginning.

    関する kansuru is a verb meaning 'to be related'. Literally に関する研究 ni kansuru kenkyū means 'research that concerns / is related to'.
    おける okeru is a verb meaning 'to be placed'. Literally, における進歩 ni okeru shinpo means 'advances that are in'.

Owing to these constructions, the Japanese is far more wordy than the Chinese.

The Vietnamese is wordy for another reason: both the 'a' in 'a study' and the plural marker in 'developments' are translated. This is due to the direct influence of European languages.

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