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Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland



Simplified Chinese (China)
Yīngguó hé Ài'ěrlán de Kuídìqí qiúduì
英国 Yīngguó = 'Britain'.
= 'and'.
爱尔兰 Ài-ěr-lán = 'Ireland'.
de = connecting particle
魁地奇 Kuídìqí = 'Quidditch'.
球队 qiú-duì = 'ball-team'
Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Yīnggélán jí Ài'ěrlán de Kuídìqí qiúduì
英格蘭 Yīnggélán= 'England'.
= 'and' (formal).
愛爾蘭 Ài'ěrlán = 'Ireland'.
de = connecting particle
魁地奇 Kuídìqí = 'Quidditch'.
球隊 qiúduì = 'ball-team'.
Quidditch teams of England and Ireland
Igirisu to Airurando no Kuidittchi Chiimu
イギリス Igirisu = 'England, Britain'.
to = 'and'.
アイルランド Airurando = 'Ireland'.
no = connecting particle
クイディッチ kuiditchi = 'Quidditch'.
チーム chiimu (from English 'team') = 'team'.
Quidditch teams of Britain and Ireland
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Những Đội Quidditch Của Anh Và Aí Nhĩ Lan

Những Đội Quidditch của Anh và Aí Nhĩ Lan
những = plural marker
đội () = 'team'.
Quidditch = 'Quidditch'.
của = 'belonging to, of'.
Anh () = 'Britain'.
= 'and'.
Aí Nhĩ Lan (愛爾蘭) = 'Ireland'.
Quidditch teams of Britain and Ireland

Fairly straightforward translations.

Britain and Ireland:

    In this case the Mainland Chinese uses the word 英国 Yīngguó for 'Britain' in preference to 不列颠 Bùlièdiān, found in the titles Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles and Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland. A scholarly-sounding word like 不列颠 Bùlièdiān was probably judged inappropriate for a book about sport; thus the more common and general term 英国 Yīngguó is used. 英国 Yīngguó refers to the whole of the United Kingdom, not merely the island of Great Britain.

    The Taiwanese translator inaccurately translates 'Britain' as 英格蘭 Yīnggélán. This translation is incorrect because 英格蘭 Yīnggélán refers narrowly to England, not the island of Great Britain, which also includes Wales and Scotland.

    The Vietnamese uses Anh for Britain (or more broadly for the UK). Anh corresponds to the of Chinese 英国 Yīngguó. The Vietnamese word for 'Ireland', Aí Nhĩ Lan, is derived from Chinese 愛爾蘭. An alternative Vietnamese name for Ireland is Ailen.

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