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Chapter 17: Cat, Rat and Dog


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 猫、耗子和狗
Māo, hàozi hé gǒu
māo = 'cat'.
耗子 hàozi = 'rat, mouse' (northern dialect).
= 'and'.
gǒu = 'dog'.
Cat, rat and dog
Chinese (Taiwan) 貓、鼠、狗
Māo, shǔ, gǒu
māo = 'cat'.
shǔ = 'rat/mouse'.
gǒu = 'dog'.
Cat, rat, dog
Japanese 猫、ネズミ、犬
Neko, nezumi, inu
neko = 'cat'.
ネズミ nezumi = 'rat/mouse'.
inu = 'dog'.
Cat, rat, dog
Vietnamese Mèo, chuột và chó mèo = 'cat'.
chuột = 'rat/mouse'.
= 'and'.
chó = 'dog'.
Cat, rat and dog

The standard spoken word for 'rat/mouse' in Chinese is 老鼠 lǎoshǔ ('old rat'). Neither of the Chinese translators use this word. The word for 'rat/mouse' used in the Mainland Chinese edition, 耗子 hàozi, is a colloquial north Chinese word. The Taiwanese translation uses the written expression for 'rat/mouse', which is shǔ. By omitting the word 'and', the Taiwanese translator comes up with a simple, succinct title in a classical style, whereas the Mainland version is modern and colloquial in feel.

The Japanese translator writes 'cat' and 'dog' in Chinese characters while writing 'rat/mouse' in katakana as ネズミ. This is in line with standard usage: the character for nezumi () is not included in the list of characters for normal use (the 'jōyō kanji') and is usually written in katakana as it is the name of a type of animal.

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