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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
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Chapter 32: Flesh, Blood and Bone


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 血,肉和骨头
Xiě, ròu hé gǔtou
xuě = 'blood'.
ròu = 'meat, flesh'.
= 'and'.
骨头 gǔtou = 'bone'.
Blood, flesh and bone
Chinese (Taiwan) 肉、血和骨
Ròu, xiě hé gǔ
ròu = 'meat, flesh'.
xiě = 'blood'.
= 'and'.
= 'bone'.
Flesh, blood and bone
Japanese 骨肉そして血
Kotsu-niku soshite chi
骨肉 kotsu-niku = 'bone and flesh' = '(one's own) flesh and blood'.
そして soshite = 'and then'.
chi = 'blood'.
Bone & flesh, and then blood
Vietnamese Máu, thịt, và xương máu = 'blood'.
thịt = 'flesh, meat'.
= 'and'.
xương = 'bone'.
Blood, flesh, and bone

What Voldemort needs for his reviving potion.

Both the Mainland Chinese and Vietnamese translators appear to feel that 'blood and flesh' is more natural than 'flesh and blood'.

The Japanese translator plays with the title a little, using the compound 骨肉 kotsu-niku 'bone and flesh', which has the same meaning as 'one's own flesh and blood' in English. This hints at Voldemort's need for bone from his own father to complete the potion. After a significant pause produced by the word そして soshite 'and', the trio is completed with chi 'blood'.

The words of the spell for Flesh, Blood and Bone, spoken by Wormtail in a black magic ritual to revive Voldemort, can be found here.

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