Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 22: Owl Post Again


Simplified Chinese (China)
Yòu jiàn māotóuyīng yóudì
yòu = 'again'.
jiàn = 'see, meet'.
猫头鹰 māotóuyīng = 'owl'.
邮递 yóudì = 'mail delivery'.
Owl mail delivery met again
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Māotóuyīng yóujiàn zàixiàn
貓頭鷹 māotóuyīng = 'owl'.
郵件 yóujiàn = 'postal item'.
再現 zàixiàn = 'reappearance'.
The reappearance of owl mail
Futatabi fukurō-bin
再び futatabi = 'again'.
ふくろう fukurō = 'owl'.
便 -bin = 'post'.
Owl post again
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Lại hộp thư cú lại = 'again'.
hộp thư = 'mail box, letter box'.
= 'owl'.
Owl letter box again

A reprise of Chapter One. The only difference is the addition of 'again'.

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