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Chapter 27: The Final Hiding Place



Chinese (Mainland)
Zuìhòu de yǐncáng-zhī-chù
最后 zuìhòu = 'final, last'.
de = connecting particle
隐藏 yǐncáng = 'to hide'.
zhī = connecting particle
chù = 'place'.
Final hiding place
Chinese (Taiwan)
Zuìhòu yīgè cángnì dìdiǎn
最後 zuìhòu = 'last'.
一個 yīgè = 'one'.
藏匿 cángnì = 'to hide'.
地點 dìdiǎn = 'place'.
A last hiding place
Saigo no kakushi-basho
最後 saigo = 'last'.
no = connecting particle
隠し kakushi = 'hiding', from the intransitive verb 隠す kakusu 'to hide'.
場所 basho = 'place'.
The last hiding place
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Chỗ giấu cuối cùng chỗ = 'place'.
giấu = 'to hide'.
cuối cùng = 'last, final'.
The last hiding place

This is the Hogshead in Honeymeade. Compare this with Chapter 9, A Place to Hide. Particularly notable is the fact that most of the translations switch from an intransitive verb 'to hide (oneself)' to a transitive verb 'to hide (something)'.

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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