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The cjvlang site originally went up in mid-July 2000. The Harry Potter subsite appeared in embryonic form in about March of 2001. The bulk of the work on the subsite, including chapter titles, book names, and names of characters, was done in the autumn of 2001.

Since then I have reorganised sections extensively several times. For instance, originally each webpage contained a number of chapter titles; I later split these pages up to give each chapter its own web page. Chinese and Japanese site maps were added in the early summer of 2002. The subsite was also brought up to date each time new translations appeared.

From about September 2005 I started the very slow task of converting textual graphics to Unicode, which was largely completed by August 2006.

The following logs show updates since 23 December 2003. Logs start at the bottom of each page.


6 May 2016 (Queensland)

8 December 2014 (Beijing)

19 June 2014 (Beijing)

18 May 2013 (Beijing)


26 July 2012 (Beijing)

22 July 2012 (Beijing)

14 July 2012 (Beijing)

  • Added initial note at page on The Treatment of Relative Clauses in the Description of the Basilisk in Harry Potter (Book 2). The idea is to make the whole thing more comprehensible (as originally written, the point of the page was very hard to grasp until the very end, and maybe not even then). Despite a determination not to actually rewrite the page, I eventually rewrote parts because it was so badly written originally. For some reason I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

15 July 2012 (Beijing)

  • Rewrote the Sphinx's Riddle to make more sense. A heavily visited page that must have left thousands scratching their heads!
  • Added new Chinese translation, as well as translations and notes at Trelawney's Second Prediction.

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