This site originally started in mid-July 2000 with the uploading of 'Days of the Week in CJV'.

This is a record of changes affecting the site as a whole, beginning on 21 December 2003 (starting from the bottom).

Logs of changes to individual subsites can be found at the following:

Writing Systems
Days of the Week
Harry Potter
Bird Names
Pink Floyd and Chinese Poetry
The Little Prince
Mongolian Lessons

8 September 2017

  • Final episode: Updated Spicks and Specks to match the page width at the rest of the site.
  • Added some material at Vinegar Museums.

6 September 2017

  • Tried to set uniform page width throughout the site. Fixed a few problems.

31 August 2017

  • The entire site has now been updated for better viewing on mobile devices. In the process, the old Milonic javascript navigation has been scrapped, Google Adsense advertising has been removed, "Bathrobe" has been removed from the branding, outgoing links have been updated, some pages have been rewritten, some pages have been restored, and many other small fixes have been implemented. Hopefully the site is now both easier to access and easier on the eye than it previously was.

2 February 2017

7 January 2017

4 January 2017

16 January 2016

  • Added links to the Index page. Fixed menu at side.

26 November 2015

  • Added new section of jottings called Parsesnips.

20 July 2015

  • Completely revamped Spicks and Specks, preparatory to converting it to a quasi-blog.

24 November 2014 (Beijing)

  • Tried to fix problems with Responsive Web Design throughout the site.

15 June 2014 (Beijing)

  • Moved section on Mongolian lessons to a new location. New format includes vocab lists, pronunciation in Inner Mongolia, and option to switch between English and Chinese.

5 November 2013 (Beijing)

  • Made an attempt at including Mongolian in the introductory page.

22 June 2013 (Beijing)

  • Got rid of the Spleen section.

2 June 2013 (Beijing)

  • Added some of my Mongolian lessons (Traditional script, direct transliteration into Cyrillic, Cyrillic orthography). Sorry, no English.

30 June 2012 (Beijing)

  • Added the cjv logo to all pages, linking to the home page.

28 December 2007 (Ulaanbaatar)

  • Added new section called Spleen, a place for venting frustration with poor products and services. Consider it a public service.
  • The first article in the new section is about an appalling Mongolian language textbook called Golden Key to Mongolian.

22 March 2007 (Beijing)

  • Following hardware and software difficulties since January, compounded by net access difficulties in February-March, I discovered to my horror that the index page had been inadvertantly replaced with the index page from Bird names. This has now been rectified, but the mistake was there for so long that Google now shows this site as a list of bird names from East and Southeast Asia. :(

28-29 December 2006 (Beijing)

  • A few changes in layout (mainly wider line-spacing).

18 December 2006 (Beijing)

  • Decided to give the site a bit of personality by calling it "Bathrobe's Site on Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Languages". All sections but Bird Species have had the word "Bathrobe" added to the title. People familiar with cjvlang will know that Bathrobe is my username (I prefer to call it my nom de guerre) at various bulletin boards and forums on the Internet, including Wikipedia. Not sure what image people will call up -- a thin, silky, sexy robe clinging to a lissom young female figure, or a warm, fluffy, comfortable terry-towelling gown worn over your pyjamas. Just in case anyone is in doubt, the latter is the one I had in mind.

27 November 2006 (Beijing)

21 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • The entire site has now been converted to a new layout, with the exception of Birds. The main features are: (1) A new header. The header includes the site/subsite name, simple navigation back to higher-level pages, small Unicode icon, and small mail icon. Some pages also have navigation to CJV site maps. The new header replaces the primitive scheme that has (with some modifications) been with the site from the outset, namely, "Back to" buttons at top left and top right. (2) New navbar at left, from Milonic. This replaces the previous "follow-scrolling" menu across the top, also from Milonic. (And the menu across the top was introduced in 2004 to replace frames). (3) Layout now adopts the "div" tag, although not in a very consistent or sophisticated form. Previously, layout was "start at the top and work down to the bottom", with liberal use of tables in between.
  • This change in layout began on 31 July at Harry Potter and has been implemented gradually at other subsites. As mentioned above, Birds is not included because the "follow-scrolling" system is quite convenient for navigation at that site and because there is no room for a navbar at the left.
  • Adsense has also been adopted for most of the site.

5 August 2006 (Beijing)

30 May 2006 (Beijing)

  • World of Hainan gains its own domain name: www.hainan-world.com (no longer in use).

18 September 2005 (Beijing)

  • Deleted links to Walking Map of Western Beijing.

28 February 2005 (Macau)

  • Changed links on the Index page to relative links (previously links to each section were absolute links).

2 January 2005 (Macau)

  • Added a few brief notes on genetic affiliation of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese to the home page.

30 November 2004 (Beijing)

  • Update logs devolved to individual subsites -- each subsite now has its own update logs.

25 September 2004 (Beijing)

19 September 2004 (Beijing)

  • A menu that follows you as you scroll down the page has been added at the section on CJV Writing Systems. This nifty device has been licensed from Milonic.

3 September 2004 (Beijing)

21 August 2004 (Macau)

  • The Home Page of the cjvlang site has been converted into a single page -- no frames. The change is an emergency measure due to problems uploading the original home page to the server. The conversion to a single page involves the introduction of a new look along with a few minor changes in content (deletion of several 'friendly links').
  • The original garish colour scheme of the Updates Archive page has been scrapped, although the new one is plain in the extreme.

6 August 2004 (Macau)

  • Being separated from my reference sources for bird names, etc., I have taken the opportunity to tackle the Chinese Writing System.

28 July 2004 (Hainan)

This is my last upload from Hainan and may be the last update for a while as I will be separated from my books for the next month.

19 July 2004 (Hainan)

  • I am finally starting to update the site again after a month of dramatic life-changes. The first order at the moment is to revise the Bird List (apologies to Harry Potter fans!) to reflect the latest Howard and Moore checklist of birds of the world, published in 2003, which I recently got hold of.

3 June 2004 (Hainan)

  • Thanks to prompt action by my host, Unicode and other encodings are now rendering correctly. Now I just have to wait for Google to notice and relist the relevant pages in the index!

2 June 2004 (Hainan)

  • Discovered that my web host no longer appears to support Unicode, Chinese, or Japanese encodings following migration to a new system in May. All pages containing Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese script have been reduced to gibberish (excepting, of course, those pages using graphics). Pages affected include the index to Birds (Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Vietnamese), index to Harry Potter (Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese), texts of songs and other passages in Harry Potter (Unicode), and 'How does Dumbledore speak in Japanese?' (Unicode).

31 May 2004 (Hainan)

  • Back in China after a month home in Australia. Finally have a scanner, bought in HK on the way.

12 March 2004 (Hainan)

26 February 2004 (Hainan)

  • Finally, with a new computer (Mac iBook G4), I can begin updating the site again! Although a somewhat expensive purchase (for me, at least), I'm extremely pleased with the new computer, which works like a dream. Some Chinese friends point out that I could have bought a second-hand desktop Chinese-language PC for one-tenth the price, but I assure you, it's not the same!

8 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • Changed email address.

23 December 2003 (Hainan)

  • Added draft bio of myself.

22 December 2003 (Hainan)

  • Removed update notice from bottom of home page.

Oct, Nov, Dec 2003:

The main changes during these three months have been:

  • Headers and footers have been cleaned up and many sections given a new look. Many (but not all) errors in internal links have been rectified.
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