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Chapter 7: The Sorting Hat


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese characters are shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 分院帽
fēn = 'divide'.
yuàn = 'house'.
mào = 'hat'.
The house-sorting hat
Chinese (Taiwan) 分類帽
fēn = 'divide'.
lèi = 'type'.
mào = 'hat'.
The sorting/classification hat
Japanese 組分け帽子
Kumi-wake bōshi
kumi = 'class'.
分け wake = 'division'.
帽子 bōshi = 'hat'
The class-sorting hat
Vietnamese Chiếc nón phần loại chiếc = counter for hats
nón = 'pointed/conical hat'.
phần () = 'divide'.
loại () = 'type'.
The pointed sorting hat

The famous hat that assigns new students to their respective houses in Hogwarts. Each year the hat makes up a new song to sing to the students.

In all languages, the 'sorting hat' is a brief compound word. The Taiwanese and Vietnamese versions refer to a division into 'sorts' or 'types'. The Mainland Chinese and Japanese versions indicate a division into 'houses' or 'classes'. The Chinese word fēn is the same as that in Chapter 6, but here it is a verb meaning 'to divide'.

For the text of the song that the sorting hat sang, see Sorting Hat's Song (in Unicode).

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